At Prime AC and Heat, our expert technicians are always ready to come to the rescue when your gas furnace breaks down. We will inspect, diagnose and fix your gas furnace emergency. Call to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced gas furnace technicians.

Gas Furnace Emergency Repair 

When your gas furnace goes out in the winter, you don’t have time to waste. Every hour without your furnace drops the indoor temperature —uncomfortable and dangerous. Call 24/7 to bring in one of our friendly HVAC experts who will get you feeling warm and safe—guaranteed.

Gas Furnace Tune-up Services

Want to ensure your gas furnace runs strong all winter? Or want to ensure your gas furnace doesn’t leak carbon monoxide? Keep it in peak condition with a thorough home heating system maintenance inspection. Our highly-trained technicians look for hazardous leaks and clean-up ordinary wear & tear, while hunting for the signs of a potential emergency. Also, check out our Prime Advantage Plan to make reliability a yearly event.

Improve Gas Furnace Energy Efficiency

Over time, gas furnaces lose efficiency, meaning you spend more money on heat to keep your house at the same temperature. Prime AC and Heat tuneups not only keep your gas furnace running, they keep it running as efficiently as possible. Meaning you’ll enjoy savings—and comfort.

New Gas Furnace Installation 

When the time comes to install a new gas furnace, trust the same HVAC experts who have kept your system in peak condition for years. Bring out Prime AC and Heat to discuss and perform your new gas furnace installation.

Save With Prime Advantage

Yearly Maintenance Plan $249 Per Year 

Our furnace & air conditioner planned maintenance solutions are designed to prevent HVAC system breakdowns and save you money. Your home’s heating and cooling system can account for as much as 54% of your household’s monthly energy consumption. Something as simple as a dirty filter or a build-up of dirt and debris inside of your system’s mechanics can decrease the air flow throughout your home.  This causes your system to work harder than necessary and waste more energy than it has to.



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