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Having Cooling Problems?

Here Are Some Tips To Look Before Calling Prime AC and Heat

Have You Changed Your Air Filter?

A dirty air filter will affect the performance of your air conditioning system


Have You Checked Your AC Breakers? (Indoor & Outdoor)

Breakers that are tripped or turned off could be one of the reason your air conditioning system will not turn on


Is Your Thermostat On & Calling For Cool?

Thermostats need to be set below indoor temperature, and need to be set to cool to activate the air conditioner


Is Your AC Making Loud Noises?

Air Conditioning systems that make loud noises could be caused by outside obstruction. Tree branches, tools, loose panels etc.. or could be a severe mechanical problem


Is Your AC Frozen?

Frozen air conditioning systems can be caused by the following:


          1.Dirty/Clogged Air  Filter

          2.Low/No Air Flow

          3.Low Refrigerant In System (Possible Leak)

Is Your AC Not Cooling Like It Should Be?

Having your air conditioning system checked/tuned up could get your system back to working order


Can You Feel Air Movement From The Air Vents?

Adequate air flow could be the difference between an air conditioning system working right or not


Is Your AC Not Shutting Off?

Try turning the breakers Off/On


Is Your AC Not Turning On?

Check and see if your breakers are turned On. Check and see if you air conditioner is frozen.Change the batteries on the thermostat


Is Your AC Leaking Water?

Possible water leakage could be from a frozen coil and or a clogged drain line

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