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Air Conditioning Repair, Mesquite TX

If your air conditioning in Mesquite,TX breaks, Prime AC & Heat will be there to fix it. Weekdays or weekends, even on short notice, Prime AC & Heat will be here for any air conditioning problems you may have. Licensed and trained technicians will be dispatch to your home ready to work on all brands of air conditioning units and systems. If repairs cannot be made and a  new system is required, rest assure we have a replacement air conditioning and heating system that fits your homes design and budget. Prime AC & Heat offers 24-hour AC repair and heating repair professionals to resolve your air conditioning or heating problems, day or night. We strive to provide the best air conditioning and heating service when you need us most. Don't compromise your homes comfort. Call Prime AC and Heat now to get your AC repaired so you can go back to doing what you do best!

Extend the life of your air conditioning & heating system with annual maintenance. Maintaining your AAC system will prolong the life of your air conditioner and heater. #PrimeAdvantage

Furnace Repair, Mesquite,TX

Are you looking for Mesquite number one heating repair, system installation or maintenance company? Striving on customer service and completing the job right the first time is were Prime AC and Heat takes pride. Our mesquite furnace repair technicians offer heating repair on all makes and models of electric and gas heating systems.

Helping keep heating costs under control and maintaining smooth operations is vital when getting your home’s heating system professionally serviced. We offer heating system tune-up, heating system repairs and heating system replacements. Book online and receive $25 discount. Part of the #PrimeAdvantage family? Remember you don't pay for a service call and you have 10% discount on any repairs.

Air Conditioning & Heating Tune Up, Mesquite,TX

Mesquite weather can make your air conditioning or heating system work very hard. The importance of annual tune-ups can be critical when is comes to the life expectancy of your air conditioning and heating system.Making sure it doesn’t breakdown when you need it the most and operating at optimal performance is a huge benefit of year round ac and heat check ups. You don’t want to be waiting days before someone can come out to repair your AC system. That's why our #PrimeAdvantage maintenance provides priority air conditioning and heating service. You can prevent many major issues by getting an annual AC tune-up. Tune ups can help your system run efficiently and maintain manufacturer's recommendations. The increased efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioning and heating unit will will be small investment you'll sure be happy you made!

For a certified Air Conditioning & Heating technician near Mesquite, Texas, 

Book with Prime AC & Heat, a Licensed Air Conditioning Repair Service Contractor: 972-400-3602

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