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Keeping you and our customers happy and satisfied is our number one priority. We take pride knowing we have highly skilled professionals, clean and friendly HVAC technicians, and straightforward pricing. We promise that you will receive quality products and dependable service. From maintenance and repairs, to complete heating and air conditioning installations, our skilled HVAC technicians and heating and air conditioning installation team are able to fulfill your comfort needs during every season of the year.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Let me ask you something. When you see a service provider care about their work, how can you tell? They stand behind it—that’s how. Your complete satisfaction with Prime AC and Heat and our technicians is 100% guaranteed.

At Prime AC and Heat, the warranties and guarantees are industry leading because of our experienced technicians and the high quality parts we use. Our technicians are friendly, clean, polite, drug tested and experienced—and our techniques are state-of-the-art guaranteed!


Taking care of our customers is our main priority. That is why we have our 100% satisfaction guarantee to insure you will always receive the very best from us here at PRIME AC AND HEAT!

Our Commitment To Our Customers

TIME—First and foremost we respect our customers’ time. Easy scheduling from 8AM-10PM to fit around your schedule.

INTEGRITY—We are forthright and truthful in our dealings with customers, employees, vendors. We keep our promises.

RESPECT FOR THE LAW—We adhere to all laws, regulations and ordinances that pertain to the HVAC industry as prescribed by federal, state, municipal and county governments. We practice proper financial and accounting procedures in accordance with all laws governing a privately held business.

EXCELLENCE—We design, install, service and repair HVAC systems and parts in strict accordance with the highest industry standards.

SAFETY & REPUTATION—We maintain a clean, safe, respectable and reputable place of business that reflects the high standards of Prime AC and Heat.

TEAMWORK—We support each member of the team to strengthen the brand and build successful long-term relationships.


SERVICE—We maintain the highest degree of customer service to encourage repeat business and enduring relationships with our customers.

RESPECT FOR OTHERS—We treat our customers, fellow employees and other industry professionals with the utmost respect.

PRIVACY—We show the greatest respect for the sanctity of our customers’ homes and their privacy.

COMPETITION—We value fair competition. We advertise, promote and market our brand fairly and accurately, and in a manner that reflects the high standards of Prime AC and Heat.

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